Information iconThe Knowledge Reuse (KR)  group is a  multidisciplinary research group from the Department of Computer Science and Digital Libraries at the Carlos III University of Madrid leaded by the Professor Dr. Juan Llorens. Since its creation the group is involved in systems engineering, requirements engineering, software engineering, information retrieval, knowledge representation and management, semantic technologies, education and technology transfer.

Nowadays systems, governments, citizens, enterprises and society are more interconnected than ever and information is the key to keep the interconnection among parties. This new information society needs a step forward to exploit the new opportunities and challenges. In the specific case of systems engineering interoperability and integration are two major challenges that industry are facing in order to provide a new generation of smart tools and techniques. That is why KR research activities try to apply semantic-based technologies in order to facilitate the transition to a new data-based environment in which systems of systems can take advantage of new techniques to ease the interoperability and integration.

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As academic research group, one of our aims is to boost the research, innovation and competitiveness of the organizations using a knowledge-based approach. KR seeks to support research and innovation focusing on:

  • Providing research services on software engineering and semantics

  • Applying semantic-based technologies to improve existing products

  • Addressing the new-technology barriers

  • Developing and training

  • Fostering the knowledge in the scientific and  industrial areas

  • Teaching to a new wave of professionals

  • …learn more visiting our ProjectsResearch PapersActivities or Connections.

 Methodology KR Group

KR brings together these activities to enable and support people, organizations and systems to collaborate and interoperate in the new global context.

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