Research Lines

Our research lines focus on data and semantic based technologies with emphasis on (but not restricted to):

  • Semantic Architectures. Designing and developing architectures based on domain knowledge.

  • Collaborative Semantic Services. Improving existing solutions with a semantic collaborative approach.

  • Systems Engineering. Exploiting knowledge-based techniques to effectively improve the communication among traditional systems engineering practices and enable better solutions to the development of complex systems.

  • Big, Linked and Open Data. Offering new solutions for combining RDF vocabularies and publishing data.

  • Methods and algorithms. Implementing methods to efficiently exploit the domain knowledge and the web of data.

  • Semantic Technologies. Being aware of the semantic web technologies outcomes of OSLC, RDF, OWL, SKOS or RIF.

  • Others: Semantic Web Services, e-Tourism, e-Government, e-Procurement, e-Health, etc.

Research lines as a word cloud

As conclusion the KR group is very willing and motivated to boost research and education due to the following reasons:

  • Research dissemination. As a research group we are very committed to promote our research activities to the academia and industrial areas. Learn more visiting our Projects, Research Papers, Activities or Connections.

  • Create awareness of the data economy. Currently there is a growing commitment to exploit the data that is continuously being generated from social network, governmental institutions, devices, etc. This situation enables the possibility of building in top of this data new intelligent services that enable the creation of new information and knowledge. We strongly believe in data a key driver for the next economy.

  • Boost the knowledge-society. The society is turning to a new environment in which knowledge is consider as a key-enabler to improve the welfare state. Domains such as Systems Engineering, Complex Systems, e-Health, e-Justice or e-Government can take advantage of this context to develop the proper policies, technologies and tools that help citizens daily life providing new intelligent and advanced services that release the power of data.

  • Strong background and experience. Members of the KR group has demonstrated in last years a solid commitment in the development of research activities being partners, authors, guest editors and organizers of research competitive project, articles, special issues and events in the main impact factor journals, conferences and venues with regards to the topic of the book. Thus the right edition of the book can be ensured since a large and international networking of collaborators and partners is already established.

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