Due to our research activities we continuously deliver prototypes and proofs of concept that serve as demonstrators of our technology. In this sense we have worked in collaboration with different companies and partners that have encouraged and driven research and innovation in different sectors such as e-Government, e-Health, software engineering or product lifecycle environments to name a few.

More specifically we have developed solutions for searching over large documental databases, clustering patient’s features or implementing standards such as OSLC. As relevant prototypes in these contexts we can present the following ones:

  • Tirant on-lineThis project aims to provide an advanced and semantic-based search engine over legal databases. Currently it is deployed in the production environment of Tirant (a leading Spanish company on legal databases). This project has been developed in conjunction with The Reuse Company Inc. and taking advantage of the RSHP model on top of an existing search engine such as  Apache Solr.
  • UMLModelsThis project seeks for providing a system to index and retrieve UML models in an intelligent way. It applies semantic-based techniques to represent the information available in UML models with the aim of easing the access to elements such as classes, components or relationships. The main motivation of this tool lies in improving existing techniques to search over UML models that is currently restricted to metadata of pictures (generated from the real UML models). On the other hand UMLModels process images generating a RSHP presentation of the model that can be easily indexed and retrieved.
  • OSLC -based services prototype. This on-going project is part of the work developed by the research group in the context of the Crystal Project. It seeks for providing an implementation of the OSLC Requirements and Quality Management specifications as well as a specification for knowledge management in the context of OSLC-based services.
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